???? BLACK LIVES MATTER MEETS BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITES ???? | The ultimate confrontation is here! Witness this explosive encounter between members of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black Hebrew Israelites as they clash over the true essence of Black identity, faith, and the fight for justice. Are you ready to dive into a world where the 'REAL JEWS' stand tall and challenge mainstream narratives? This is more than just a debate - it's a revolution in thought.

In this provocative and challenging video, Officer Yadyadayah and the Sicarii tackle pressing questions about the plight of Black people, the significance of the Bible, and the role of religion in social justice. From discussing prison systems to the spiritual Egypt, this confrontation leaves no stone unturned.

???? Discover the truth about the Hebrew Israelites and why they believe they are the true descendants of the Bible. Watch as they unapologetically dismantle misconceptions and shine a light on the often-ignored issues facing the Black community.

Join us in this bold, direct, and confrontational dialogue. If you’re ready to challenge your beliefs and learn more about the Sicarii, the Hebrew Israelites, and their mission, then hit that play button NOW!

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00:00 - Intro
1:36 - Official Hebrew Israelite Bible
2:19 - Conversation with Black Lives Matter Member
4:12 - The Real Jews Are Going to Be Robbed and Spoiled
6:06 - The Israelites Are Going to Go into Slavery on Ships
10:42 - The Sinister Nature of Black Lives Matter
12:38 - How We Show Black Lives Matter
17:01 - The Resolution
19:40 - The Kingdom of Heaven
28:40 - The Catalyst to Everything Jumping Off is World War 3
31:50 - Don't Be So Certain of the Lord's Forgiveness
36:20 - Your Eyes Shall See Your Teachers
39:16 - Faith Comes by Hearing
40:32 - You Can Have the Anointing
42:48 - Pork is Unclean
47:57 - The Lord's Commandments Are Easy to Keep
49:28 - What Does the Lord Require of You
53:11 - Closing Words
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