Zions Elite 12

We Are A Faith Based Congregation By The Grace, Power, And Spirit Of The Most High God(Yahawah) And His Son Jesus Christ(Yahawashi). The Bible(KJV1611) Is The Book Of Our Fathers, Which Are The Israelites Gods Chosen People. Today That Would Consist Of The So Called Blacks, Hispanics And Native/Seminole Indians. Our Mission Is To Rebuild, Recover, Regather And Teach Our People The Truth From All Over The World b/c The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand.

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Email: zionselite12@gmail.com
Call/text: (518)-501-5987
Instagram: zionselite_12

Read you Bible with the Apocrypha
Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics. You are the Children of Israel. God's Chosen People.